Hi, I'm Sam, software engineer

Welcome to my site, I share here my personal projects, learnings, and ideas



This is Samuel El-Borai (aka dgellow) personal website.

I’m an experienced software engineer, doing it professionally since 2009. Projects and blog articles showcased here are things I work on during my free time, sometime to solve issues I have, sometime as part of my continuous learning, or just to satisfy my curiosity.

My interests are varied but expect to see content related to Go/Golang as it currently is my main programming language. I’m also learning C++, game and graphics programming, so that will surely become some of the main topics over time.

Feel free to look around, and share things you find interesting. And don’t hesitate to contact me for comments or other reasons.

This website is strictly personal and doesn’t represent my professional experience, send me an email if that’s what you’re looking for.

Latest Post

Mar 3, 2019

Initial post

I recently decided to organize my thoughts, ideas, and projects a bit, they are currently spread around GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, and multiple computers and (physical) notebooks. As part of this move I created this website and blog that will be available (or already is) at dgellow.dev (newly released TLD for a fresh start!). I plan to use it as a personal tool, a place where I can share current thoughts and ideas, easily find past ones, centralize documentation and showcase of some projects, and see my progression, learning and general improvement over time. Read more


Hey there. Do you want to approach me for a project, or a question? Please do so, I will do my best to answer quickly.

I’m currently located in Berlin, Germany.

My current local time is .